Thursday, December 31, 2015


Nemo 18.3.2015 - 31.1.2015

Feeling sad when writing this. The smallest pup of the litter, Nemo, was put to sleep at New Year's Eve. He had some sort of developmental disorder despite of which his owner wanted to give him a chance. Though Nemo was the most joyful and happy little dog the everyday life became too challenging. 

You will always be remembered!

Monday, September 14, 2015


Today tracking with Milo, Dani and Kaya. We chose a big field where we laid three tracks, about 40 to 60 meters long with articles (stick) at the middle and at the end of the track. While waiting the tracks to age we went to listen gunshots. We had fourth person to fire the gun and went in a good distance from the shooter. This time not playing with the pups but giving them treats. All three did mark the sound, moved their ears or glanced at the shooter. However continued eating, so far so good :) Next time we come few steps closer to the shooter. 

Tracks were run one by one. Even though others were waiting at the background the one tracking concentrated only on his work and was not distracted. Articles were marked but not necessarily picked up, at least Kaya does not do that. She is too eager to move on. 

Pups seems to love this sport. I think it reinforces their self-confidence as in this venue dog is in charge, leads the way and handler keeps quiet. Do they realize that they are using skill that far exceeds our own :)

Friday, August 21, 2015


We had a nice day herding with Milo, Jekku, Pepi and Kaya. Sun was shining and pups were eager to work. So great to watch these youngsters using only their instinct, not knowing any commands yet!

5 months' pose

Four of the pups went herding and I took the opportunity to take pictures!





Monday, July 27, 2015

Puppy school vol 3.

Today was the third common school day for pups. This time Nemo, Milo and Kaya attending. Our coach has raised the standards but I think we managed quite well J

We had bases of heelwork, recall, sit and stay, rounding the cone and playing with own pup while all the others also in the field (concentration). Had a lot of fun!